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Alluring Abaya Designs 2014 in Malaysia

Malaysia being the most populated Muslim country in the world is a huge market for abayas. Malaysian women like to wear abaya in all different colors and shapes. The classic black abayas worn in Malaysia are usually imported from the abaya designs from Saudi Arabia.

Alluring Abaya Designs 2014 in Malaysia 360

The Color Twist

The traditional Malaysian wear Kebaya, has been taken from the word abaya, that means dress. The abaya consists of two parts; an upper blouse and a skirt like dress with it. They are found in all different colors and fabric materials. The women who choose to wear abaya on top of their dresses also prefer to have some colors rather than plain black attire. The black sleeves are replaced by bold silk colors or stripes of bold satin or silk can be seen on front open abayas that run throughout the whole length of the abaya.

Color Twist Abaya Designs 2014 in Malaysia

Pleated Abaya

The pleated abayas are very popular among the abaya designs in Malaysia. Since the pleated abayas look like the pleated skirts worn by Malaysian women in their households, it seems close enough to their traditional dress. The pleats look fabulous, especially for the abayas made of light and flowy material like chiffon or georgette.

Printed Abaya

Printed Abaya Designs 2014 in Malaysia

A new trend in abaya designs in Malaysia is of printed abayas. They are a heart favorite of young girls and ladies, who appreciate the burst of colors and patterns on them. The printing is mostly confined to the lower half of the front and the back. Sometimes, there are printed tops too. The graphic printing involves all kind of patterns like floral, spiral or different shapes, combined with other embellishments.

Wedding Abayas

The world famous feature of abaya designs in Malaysia is the wedding gowns and abayas for brides. They have introduced the world to a whole new concept of an unexposed yet beautiful bride. The brides look stunning in these mesmerizing gowns, even when only their hands and faces are visible. The majestic abayas and gowns made of silk and chiffon donned with crystals, beads and pearls are the most outstanding feature of Malaysian weddings. The ladies clad in modest, covering abayas at the wedding the concept of beauty undercover, yet a treat for the eyes. These formal attires are embellished with all kinds of materials to make the festivities memorable.

Embellished Tops and Sleeves

Embellished Tops and Sleeves Abaya Designs 2014 in Malaysia

Abaya designs in Malaysia are overshadowed by the design with colorful tops and sleeves. Either the whole black top is replaced by some brightly colored fabric, or there is a lace top with a silk underlay of contrasting color. If the top is simple and plain, then the sleeves are heavily embellished with sequins, embroidery or some other material which divert the attention from the simplicity of the rest of the attire.

Butterfly Style

The abaya design in Malaysia that can be a fashionist ideal is the butterfly style. This style is particularly ideal for heavier and overweight women; although it is very popular among the girls as well. But for the ladies with weight issues, the flares on the sides take away the attention from that extra fat. The drop flare design is ideal for formal wear.

Abaya Designs 2014 Gallery.

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