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Alex & Sierra Win ‘X Factor’ Season Three

Alex & Sierra Win 'X Factor' Season ThreeX factor a show that every music lover knows about. The show was created by Simon Cowell in 2004 and is aired annually at the ending months of the year. Since then it has brought many talented voices to the platform’s factor finishes its third season with banging performances and some very heartbreaking eliminations but as it’s said that there’s always some win and loss in the process of finding greatness in someone. And it seems x factor did find the great voices of their third season. After 2 hours of live performances of the finale on Dec. 19 X Factor announced its winners. This big announcement was made by none other than Mario Lopez. The king of the x factor Simon Cowell picked the real life lovebirds and duos from university of central Florida, Alex and Sierra to be the winners of this season. Their emotions were met with the tears and feelings of happiness mixed with disbelief of their success. They said to people’s magazine that it was a very huge emotional experience for them. This was an experience of a life time and it brought us even closer, said sierra.

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Cowell said to MTV that he was very nervous whole day because he knew that the competition was going to be really close but he said that at the end of the night it was a big relief. Cowell also revealed that the couple will start working on their debut album named tonight right away. When it was asked what songs are they going to sing they said definitely original songs. Alex Kinsey said that what the people have experienced on the show is just a taste of it and they are very excited to finally work on their original songs with producers, and they will go where the direction feels right. They also told those who think that this experience brought a toll on our relation they are wrong. It just brought us even closer and confirmed our love for each other. Sierra Kinsey said that the only thing in the competition she wishes she could change were the faces she made by totally forgetting that she was on the camera. But Alex said that it was the most memorable thing of the show and he will frame all of her pics and put them on the wall of their home.

Alex & Sierra Win 'X Factor' Season Three 06Alex & Sierra Win 'X Factor' Season Three 07Alex & Sierra Win 'X Factor' Season Three 08Alex & Sierra Win 'X Factor' Season Three 09

Both Alex and sierra showed their emotions of disbelief and excitement and the judges said they will do great in the future. Another sad goodbye other than the last episode of this season’s x factor was of Demi Lovato. It was her last episode in the judging panel of the x factor. Simon said that we’ll definitely miss her but sometimes change is a good thing.

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