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After private Key West genuine wedding, couple travel together far and wide

Jan Falmer and Yemi O-Ettu are two individuals from diverse parts of the globe who still figured out how to discover one another. Both have got married to each other, their wedding was so different no functions, no bridal dresses, and no parties.

Their adoration story compasses numerous nations crosswise over Asia, Africa and South America, yet everything began when the American lady met the Nigerian man in Florida in 2008. They worked for the same organization — Yemi in New York and Jan in Florida — and Yemi had set out down to the Florida office on a business excursion.

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Two years passed before their ways crossed once more. Yemi came back to the Florida office for a six-month spell, and Jan recollected that him from their initially meeting. He didn’t recall that her — a minor purpose of conflict right up ’til today — yet Jan didn’t hold resentment.


“I offered to demonstrate to him around the territory, and we rapidly got great companions,” she said. “One day we were getting lunch and the point of the sort of fellow I was searching for came up. I named innumerable attributes of the ideal man, and he simply giggled and said, ‘No man is each one of those things!’ I certainly didn’t have any acquaintance with it at the time, yet he had every one of those and then some.”

Yemi, as well, saw something exceptional in his companion and associate.

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“When I got to know Jan, I understood, ‘this is the sort of individual I need to use rest of my existence with,'” he reviewed. “She’s a related soul. She simply sort of got it. She comprehended what matters in life: a great parity of family, love, enterprise — the things that I feel matter most.”

Their companionship advanced into cool dating, including a trek down to Key West. Be that as it may when Yemi, 34, came back to New York, the likelihood of them being as one ran with him. That was until Jan, 31, was serendipitously exchanged to the New York office three months after the fact, and they could genuinely be a couple.


Yemi proposed while they watched his 2-year-old niece in the fall of 2012. He gave the little child the ring box to show Jan, and she opened it almost as Yemi strolled into the room. She, obviously, said yes.


“When we began dating, I knew she was the one for me,” Yemi said. “The thought for the proposal simply reflected who we were as individuals.”


Not long after in the wake of wedding arranging started, an alternate arrangement was brought forth: They concurred that after the wedding, they’d both quit their occupations and satisfy their fantasies of going far and wide.


Jan clarified that loved ones could be categorized as one of two camps after finding out about their arrangements. “They either thought we were insane for leaving our cushy, corporate employments, or that it was an unbelievable encounter that would bring us so much closer, and it was an incredible thought to do it before we had kids.”

Jan and Yemi were wedded on Sept. 19, 2013 in Key West, the site of their first date. A private gathering of 16 loved ones parts looked as they said their promises in Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.

A gathering at neighborhood restaurant Mangoes emulated, where the couple had their first move to Jesse Young’s “Between You and I,” a melody performed by the craftsman himself. What’s more part path through the gathering, the couple and their visitors changed into conventional Nigerian outfits and moved to customary music.

“That was lovely,” Yemi said. “It appeared to be so common. It didn’t appear silly. It appeared to be (Jan’s family) fit in. That was something that truly implied a ton to my mother particularly, that we fused both societies.”

Six weeks after the fact, they were off on their round-the-world excursion, flying first to Bangkok. They went through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Bolivia, Peru, and some different objectives in the middle.

The Philippines wasn’t piece of their unique schedule, yet they needed to help in the fallout of the crushing tremor and Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall. The couple volunteered to chip away at harmed houses.

“It truly place things into viewpoint, that we are so blessed to live in a created nation,” Jan said of their time assisting with the help exertion. “The individuals there had nothing, yet they were so blissful thus grateful. They had $2-3 a day to live on, however they would in any case bring us snacks.”

That was unquestionably a highlight of the voyage, however for both of them their stop in Yemi’s nation of origin of Nigeria was additional unique. “I got to meet his enlarged family,” Jan said. “Actually perceiving how he grew up, I acknowledged in any case we had such comparative childhoods and qualities.”

For Yemi, he was restless to show Jan the magnificence and generosity of Nigerians, regardless of the negative news scope recently. “It was incredible!” he said. “Everybody adored her. I hadn’t return in eight years, and hadn’t seen some individuals in 14 years, yet everybody was so eager to see Jan! She’s so versatile and coexisted with everybody.”

The trek was all that they longed for and that’s just the beginning, however it additionally taught them such a great amount of about one another in the earliest stages of their marriage — particularly when they were out of their safe place.

“We did a home stay in a provincial town in Cambodia,” Jan reviewed. “There was no power, no running water. What’s more there were times when I thought, ‘We could be staying in truly pleasant five-star inn for a day.’ But it ended up being one of our most loved encounters of our entire excursion.”

“It taught me a considerable measure about us,” Yemi said. “We weren’t generally in extremely agreeable circumstances. There was a ton of getting to know one another, possibly on the verge of excessively much! There was a point where we were in the auto for four days in Bolivia and cleaned up. It taught me that we can exist together anyplace. It taught me about understanding. We both developed.

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