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Fashionable hijab trends are changing rapidly in today’s world. Now women are covering their selves but with distinctively attractive styles. Parties are a venue where you will see amazing new hijab styles. There are variety of styles depending upon regions like Europe, middle-east, turkey, and Asia.

Trendy Look of Hijab

Hijab trends

Hijab, as everyone knows, is a way of wearing a piece of cloth around your head for the purpose of hiding a woman’s hair, chest and sometimes full body. Hijab however is associated with religion of Islam but non-Muslims are also moving towards this trend. Hijab not only hides hairs but also adds a sense of decency to a woman’s dress.If we think clearly then we will get to know that it is not only a religious obligation for Muslim woman but it also prevents woman from cheap glances of people around them and now it is becoming a fashionable way of dressing.

Women (whether working or housewives) are seeking unique ways of wearing hijabs. Designers are adding this new vogue of dressing in their designs and there are now fashion shows on hijab. Even morning shows sometimes invite Hijab designers to give a show of trendy ways of Hijab. So there is also a stylish side of Hijab that everybody is following. Women are following different styles for their professional life and also trying distinctive Hijab styles for parties. Women follow Hijab styles depending upon their face structure and physique. Following are discussed some ways of wearing a Hijab:

Malaysian Hijab styles:

In many of Malaysian’s hijab styles, there is a trend of wearing an under scarf. On that under scarf, a scarf is tied of contrasting color and scarf is tied in such a manner that it doesn’t completely hides the under scarf below. So this is not only stylish for wearing at offices but it is one of the best hijab styles for parties.

Turkish Hijab styles:

This style is usually pin-less which makes it the best one as sometimes wearing a pin may not be comfortable. Besides that this style is broadly followed by college going and university going girls. If you want to make a Hijab style for parties then by using a fancy pin above tied scarf, we can make it one.

Asian Hijab style:

In Asia, a style is being used for brides, which makes them look elegantly beautiful and stylishly traditional. In this style a scarf is worn by brides, which covers their head and neck. On that scarf Bridal dress’ dupatta is worn which further adds to the beauty of the style. This style is best to wear at wedding rather than to wear at workplaces. So this is considered as best Hijab style for parties (specially wedding parties).

Asian Hijab style Images

Hijab style with head band:

A shiny, simple or fancy sort of head band can be set on a scarf which highlights the beauty of hijab worn. The only thing to do is to tie a lace around the upper layer of scarf or under-scarf.Now dressing industry is not limited to traditional dresses for a particular region but there are also Fashion Hijab Outfits which are worth wearing. These outfits are bought and worn with great zeal especially in Middle-East countries.

Hijab style with head bands Gallery:

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