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A Quick Look at This Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trends

While we love the sunshine as much as anyone else, the best thing about summer is getting to break out that summer wardrobe.

There’s plenty to enjoy about wrapping up warm for autumn and winter, but summer is far more fun, and where we can really express ourselves a bit more!

We’ve taken a look at the latest trends that are making their way from the catwalk to the high street this year.

Bright Colours

Sure, bright colours are hardly anything new, we see them all the time, but we’re talking super brights.

Bright hot pink is one of the most popular colours, and was everywhere at Paris Fashion Week, but whatever colour you’re rocking this summer, turn up the brightness just that little bit extra, and adding a pop of brightness means that you don’t need any crazy patterns, ruffles or details to make yourself stand out.

80s Style

It was a decade of excess in many ways, including fashion, and 80s nostalgia has been around for some years, but it’s going as strong as ever this year.

It’s not the kind of stuff you’d really want to wear during the daytime, but once the sun goes down, there are all kinds of ways to embrace the 80s on your next big night out.

Whether it be giant belts, big shoulders, stilettos or big earrings, embrace this larger than life decade while it’s still cool to do so!

Check out this post from Good Housekeeping for 15 of the best 80s trends which are making a comeback!


Again, florals are nothing new for summer, but this year’s trend is seeing them worn head to toe.

It’s certainly a bold look, and wearing anything head to toe can be a little daunting, but it can be a much more approachable look than you might think, as you can see in this post from Who What Wear.

See Through

The recent trend of see through dresses has a surprising air of grace about it, as we saw with this effort from Bella Hadid.

Of course, you can opt to go for a much more understated approach, and layer up below the dress too. This said, it’s up to you how brave you want to be with it!

Deconstructed Shirts

Oversized and ‘deconstructed’ shirts with eccentric cuts and cut-off shoulders have been all over catwalks over the last year, with various designers putting their own twist on them, whether it be chopping bits off or adding extra collars and cuffs.

It’s a cool way to update a classic piece, with cut out backs and off the shoulder looks giving off a great ‘borrowed from your boyfriend’ kind of look.

Mini Bags

Bags have been getting smaller and smaller for years, and now we’ve surely reached the peak!

Catwalks have seen bags which are barely big enough to fit a lipstick and some pennies in, which may be taking things a little too far, but this is certainly one area where bigger is not better.

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